Transfer Credit

Transferring credits out of GRCC

Students wanting to transfer credits earned at GRCC to another institution can do so by requesting that their GRCC official transcript be sent. The receiving institution is responsible for evaluating and posting incoming transfer classes/credits. For more information, please visit the General Transfer Information webpage.

Transferring credits into GRCC

Admitted, degree-seeking students may have credits earned outside of GRCC evaluated and posted to their GRCC transcripts.

Some general notes on transfer credits:

  • GRCC will only accept transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions.
  • Transferred credits may only be applied as long as the original grade earned was a C or better.
  • The process for posting transfer credits can take up to four weeks. For enrollment purposes, please be aware of this timeline.
  • Students can see posted transfer credits by viewing their unofficial transcript.
  • Transferred courses will have a generic grade T.
  • Transfer credits do not impact the calculated GRCC Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • They may be used toward both academic program (major) and graduation requirements.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 15 credits at GRCC in addition to any program and graduation requirements to be awarded an associate degree.


Transfer credits can come in a variety of forms such as:

College and University Transfer Credit

Send your official transcript from another institution to the GRCC Enrollment Center. To see how courses from various Michigan colleges and universities transfer into GRCC, please visit the Transfer Equivalencies webpage.

Foreign Transfer Credit

Students wanting to receive transfer credit from colleges outside the United States are required to send a course-by-course evaluation completed by a NACES accredited credential evaluator to the Enrollment Center.

Credential evaluators accepted:

For additional accepted, accredited, evaluating agencies please visit the NACES website.

Test Transfer Credit (AP, CLEP, IB, Challenge Exams, ACE Credit)

  • AP/CLEP: Have the American College Board send your official test scores to College Code 1254 (GRCC Student Records Office).
  • Challenge Exams: If you achieve the minimum test score indicated on each faculty-developed study guide, the Student Records Office will be notified and post the credit(s) to your transcript. NOTE – Challenge Exams cannot be transferred to another institution.
  • DANTES: Contact the testing service and have your official transcript sent to the Enrollment Center.
  • ACE Credit: Visit ACE Credit Registry and Transcript System and have your official transcript sent to the Enrollment Center. Students that have coursework through McDonald's Corporation and have received ACE credit, learn how to apply for GRCC credit.

To see GRCC course equivalencies for earned test credits, please visit the Transfer Equivalencies webpage.

Military Transfer Credit

Military Transcripts are sent to GRCC in two methods depending on association:

  1. For Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve: Visit Joint Services Transcripts.
  2. For Air Force: Have your transcripts sent for free by writing to:
    100 S. Turner Blvd.
    Maxwell Gunter AFB, AL 36114-3011 
  • Provide your full name, social security number, and GRCC address:
    143 Bostwick Ave. 
    NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3295

You can also visit Credential Solutions and have your transcripts sent for a minimal fee. 

For any further questions or clarity, contact the Veteran's Benefits Coordinator at (616) 234-4129.

Industry Recognized Credentials

Students that have earned a nationally accredited industry or professional credential may be able to apply for academic credit. View a list of currently accepted industry recognized credentials. To apply for the credit, visit the department chair of the department for which the credit will apply. More information on this can be found by reading the Industry Recognized Credentials/Test Credit policy.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit

To receive credit for prior learning experiences, please visit the Prior Learning Assessment webpage.

    For additional information about transfer credits, please visit the GRCC catalog.

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