Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an official transcript?

For detailed instructions, please visit the Student Records Office transcript webpage. If you took classes for a degree-seeking academic program (major) at GRCC in 1969 or later, you have been issued a unique student ID and can create an account in our Online Student Center. If you took classes for a degree-seeking academic program (major) at GRCC prior to 1969, call the Student Records Office at 616-234-4121.

How do I transfer my GRCC classes/credits to another institution?

Transferring classes/credits to another institution can be done by submitting an official transcript request through the Online Student Center. The receiving institution is responsible for evaluating and posting incoming transfer classes/credits. For more information, visit the Student Records Office transfer credit webpage.

Can I request my official transcript over the phone?

No. In an effort to best protect student information and comply with FERPA, you must submit a request through the secure Online Student Center.

Can I request and/or pick up a transcript for someone else?

Complying with FERPA, GRCC requires that official transcripts be requested and/or picked up by the student only. If the student wants to pick up an official transcript, he/she can do so in the Student Records Office after photo identification has been provided.

Can I have my official transcript sent by email or fax?

In an effort to best protect student information, transcripts are sent through U.S. mail or may be picked up at the Student Records Office by the student after providing a photo ID.

How much does it cost and how long will it take to request/send an official transcript?

At this time, there is no charge and it can take one to three business days to process a request. Be advised that we are not responsible for mail delivery times or how the recipient processes incoming mail.

What if I have a document that must be sent with my official transcript?

DO NOT submit your request for official transcripts through the Online Student Center. Instead, complete the document that will be attached to your official transcript, including handwritten signature, and scan/email to, fax to 616-234-4204, send through the U.S. mail or bring to the Student Records Office. This document will serve as an official transcript request. Be advised that these unique instances will require three to five business days for processing.

I have a hold on my record. Can I receive my transcript?

No, we cannot process your request if you have certain holds on your account. You can view any holds currently on your account and view details about each in the Online Student Center on the right hand side toward the bottom of the page.

When will my degree show up on my transcript?

In order for a degree to be posted, students must fill out a Graduation Application. Within six weeks of grades being posted for your intended graduation term, any awards a student has earned will be present on his/her transcript. Students can view their unofficial transcript in the Online Student Center as well to determine when a degree has been posted. Visit the Student Records Office graduation webpage for more information.

How do I get MACRAO/MTA posted to my transcript?

Students must apply to have the MACRAO/MTA transfer credentials awarded and posted to their transcript by completing the Graduation Application.

Can I just send part of my official transcript?

No, the official transcript is a record of all academic work attempted at GRCC. It is not possible to omit individual courses or semesters.

Why is Blackboard not matching my transcript?

Blackboard is an instructional tool. GRCC does not rely on this system for obtaining official grades. Your transcript is dependent on another software that instructors are responsible for accurately updating. If you notice a legitimate discrepancy, contact your instructor.

How do I print my unofficial transcript?

On the transcripts main page, students can review the "Printing an Unofficial Transcript" document for further instructions.