Grant Development Process

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The Grants Department is available to assist faculty and staff in the development of a grant proposal from conceptualization to the final submission of a proposal. This process is outlined in the Grant Development Flowchart. The level of assistance provided during the development process varies based on the complexity of the grant proposal, the experience of the proposer(s) and the need for a team approach to develop the proposal. Steps in the process to develop a grant request to an external funding source include:

Research Grant Opportunities

Grant funding sources can be identified in several ways. The Grants Department conducts ongoing research to locate grant opportunities and informs faculty and staff about grants that become available. Faculty, staff and community partners can identify potential funding sources and request that further research be conducted. For assistance in identifying funding sources to support a specific project, contact the Grants Department or submit a Grant Concept Form.

Preliminary Planning

Administrators are highly encouraged to inform the Grants Department of any grant-seeking activities before beginning work on a proposal. The Grants Department is available to coordinate planning meetings to discuss project ideas, assist with preliminary program and budget development, and to analyze proposals for consistency with college priorities and strategic fit with the requirements of the funding source. To initiate grants planning, contact the Grants Department or submit a Grant Concept Form.

Initial Approval 

Once a grant project has been identified and matched with a funding opportunity, it is necessary to seek the approval of a dean or supervising administrator prior to beginning the grant development process. A Supervising Administrator Pre-Approval Form can be used to obtain formal approval, however if the dean or supervising administrator is involved in the grants development process or for small grants, informal approval can be relayed to the Grants Department verbally or via email. For proposals that will have college-wide or cross-department impacts, the Academic Governing Council is also engaged in the internal approval process through presentations of issue papers for input.

A Grant Partnership Approval Form must be completed prior to the submission of a grant proposal on which GRCC is NOT the applicant.

Proposal Writing and Editing

The Grants Department reviews and edits, if necessary, all proposals submitted by the college to ensure that proposals are well-written and complete with information that is compelling to the funding source. For most large government grants, the Grants Department serves as the primary writer(s) of the proposal and/or edits sections written by grant development team members. Sufficient lead time for proposal review is required prior to submission and faculty and staff should inform the Grants Department of a pending grant submission as soon as possible.

Final Approval and Submission

A Grant Submission Approval Form, along with the proposal and budget, must be submitted to the Grants Department at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline. This form requires the signatures of the VP for finance, provost, and president.

Final submission of grants is coordinated by the Grants Department. Federal grant requests are submitted by the Grants Department to ensure that forms are accurately completed, all required documentation is included and that submission deadlines are met.