Gender Studies

The Gender Studies program at Grand Rapids Community College is a collection of courses that challenge students to consider how a variety of areas of study are shaped by gender and how their own gender identity impacts their understanding of themselves and others. The interdisciplinary courses focus on gender formation, empowerment and issues of social justice. The courses also consider how gender intersects with culture, race, class and sexuality.

The goals of the Gender Studies curriculum include:

Intellectual Growth

The curriculum will encourage use of critical thinking skills to assess scholarly work done in the discipline and to use that assessment to challenge and expand upon current knowledge.

Leadership Development

An understanding of gendered group dynamics will help students to become effective leaders.

Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships

Gender Studies courses will provide students the opportunity to practice listening to and considering others’ points of view in a respectful manner.

Social Responsibility

Gender Studies courses will prepare students to appropriately challenge gender-based inequities and consider how they can be involved in their community.

Appreciation of Diversity

Students will gain an appreciation for a variety of perspectives and they will understand the impact of diversity on their lives and on society.