2018 - 2019 Psychology Department Speakers Series

All presentations are free and held in room 168 of the Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center.  

For more information, contact Dr. Frank Conner (ph: (616) 234-3612)

*Streaming video of each presentation will be available here after each lecture.

What is in your suitcase? Addressing Self Awareness with The Tools to Survive [watch it here]

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
1:00pm, 168 ATC

Sometimes paying attention to ourselves is difficult with the barrage of external distractions and the overall challenges of becoming an adult. In this presentation, GRCC adjunct professor Julie Schaefer-Space, MS, MLLP will provide an overview of today’s young adult’s physical and emotional development and how to increase Self-Awareness and Self-Care. Topics will include stress, grief & loss, sexual self-care, dating, sleep, nutrition, and various other life issues. Resources, an opportunity for questions, and tools for success will be presented as well.

Gambling: A Behavior Analytic Perspective

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
1:00pm, 168 ATC

Dr. Jacob H. Daar is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northern Michigan University, Marquette. Whether throwing craps in a casino or playing the lottery at your local convenience store, gambling remains a prevalent pass time for many Americans. However, despite the inevitable loss of money accompanied with continued play, many gamblers continue to engage in gaming behavior long past the point of recreation. The purpose of this presentation will be to provide an overview on the behavior analytic conceptualization of gambling and on research into how games of chance exploit behavioral tendencies to promote persist responding in the face of negative utility. The presentation will also provide discussion regarding how an analysis of verbal behavior and the function of behaviors can contribute to our understanding and therapeutic support for those with gambling addictions.

CHARGE Syndrome: The Study of a Rare Childhood Disorder

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
1:00pm, 168 ATC

Dr. Timothy Hartshorne is a professor of psychology at Central Michigan University. In this presentation he will be sharing information about CHARGE. CHARGE is a relatively rare genetic disorder that is fascinating due to its complexity and its variability. There are approximately 50 known cases of CHARGE in Michigan, but many more are likely undiagnosed. This presentation will describe the features of CHARGE, how it is diagnosed, outcomes, educational implications, and the behavioral complications that often ensue.

What Happens When We Change Ourselves? A Look at Beliefs and Health

Thursday, March 21, 2019
1:00pm, 168 ATC

Dr. Michael Wolfe is professor of psychology at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. In this presentation, Dr. Wolfe will discuss his research on the extent to which we are aware of changes in ourselves. In research on beliefs, subjects read information that is consistent or inconsistent with their previous beliefs. Some subjects change beliefs as a result of reading. These subjects tend to be unable to recall their previous beliefs, suggesting they were relatively unaware of their own changes. In research on health changes following obesity surgery, subjects rate their health now compared to one year ago over a period of several years. Results show that ratings of subjective health changes correspond poorly to actual changes in year to year health changes, again suggesting poor awareness of change. Implications of this work and some future directions will also be discussed.