Electronics Engineering Technology Degree

(Code 906)
Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences

The Electronics Engineering Technology program is divided into three tracks:

  1. Electronics Technology
  2. Biomedical Electronics
  3. Computer Electronics

Each track prepares students to enter the growing and complex field of electronics as service and electronic technicians. Service technicians install, adjust, troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of electronic and computer equipment. Electronics technicians work in manufacturing, industry, business, and broadcasting. They operate various types of electronic equipment, industrial control systems and computer systems. They also provide technical assistance in designing, constructing, measuring, and analyzing circuits.

Electronics Technology students at GRCC study mathematics, the theory of electricity and electronics, analog circuits, digital circuits, computer systems, equipment theory and applications, electronic servicing, and industrial controls. Course work includes extensive hands-on experiments related to the lecture topics covered.

Jobs available in this field include communications technicians, computer technicians, field engineering technicians, laboratory technicians, production tests, installers and instrument technicians.

A layout of the courses for this program is available on the right.