How to put money on your RaiderCard

Student using RaiderCard machine

You have several options for putting funds on your RaiderCard. First, you can use your credit card to place funds electronically through the RaiderCard eAccounts website or the RaiderCard mobile app. Second, you can use cash or credit at any RaiderCard machines around campus. Family and friends can use the Guest Deposit form to add funds to your RaiderCard as well. Third, you can make a one-time transfer from your financial aid.

Locations of RaiderCard Machines

  • 1st floor Student Center
  • 1st Floor Learning Center
  • 2nd floor ATC
  • 1st floor Main Building
  • 4th floor Main Building
  • 1st floor Calkins Science
  • 1st floor Gerald R. Ford Fieldhouse
  • 1st Floor Sneden Hall
  • Tassell MTEC
  • Thompson MTEC
  • Midtown Center

Campus Map