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Ensure You Are Eligible to Attend Orientation

Before attending an orientation session, ensure you have activated your student technology, and If possible, enrolled in classes. 

Orientation Eligibility

Step 1: Only degree seeking students who have completed the admissions process will be mailed a welcome letter and an orientation invitation.

Step 2: Please RSVP.  Dates are listed on the "Orientation Dates" page.

Step 3: If you have been accepted into the GRCC Honors Program, please go to and register for the Honors Orientation sessions.

Before Attending Orientation:

1. Plan ahead. Orientation is 3 hours in length. Plan to attend the entire time.

2. Set up your Online Student Center by going to

3. Enroll in classes beginning April 22nd (as early as 8:00 AM) using your Online Student Center. Access the GRCC College Catalog at

Note: CLS 100 is required for all new students starting winter 2014 unless placed into PY 097.

4. Look up your Blackboard account by going to

Technology Questions? Call (616) 234-4357.

If you need help setting up your Online Student Center or your Blackboard account, visit the Admissions and Enrollment Center located on the 1st floor of the Main Building before attending orientation.

*Note: Classes may not appear in Blackboard until the semester begins.

5. Tuition is due:  August 6 by midnight.

6. Accuplacer Students: Students placing in 2 or more classes: (EN097, RD097, RD098, MA095) are unable to enroll in classes until their Counseling and Career Center session, which happens at Orientation, where they can speak with an Academic Advisor. Qualifying students who have been placed in these classes can go through our Fast Track program to have one of these classes waived by completing a three week course.

7. Apply for Financial Aid at

Required information is to be turned in to the GRCC Financial Aid Office (Previously located in located in 156 Main Building.) Questions? Call (616) 234-4030.

Our office has been moved for the summer (May 5-August 8, 2014) to next to the Counseling & Career Center on the 3rd floor of the Student Center (building #7 on this campus map ). Financial Aid, Admissions, Enrollment, Accuplacer, Student Records, and Veteran Services will all be located in this area.