GRCC requires an Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces Placement, Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) mathematics assessment. ALEKS PPL is an assessment designed to determine which math course you are ready to take. This assessment covers material from Arithmetic through Precalculus, takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, and has approximately 30 questions. After you complete the assessment, a customized Prep and Learning Module allows you to review, learn new material and possibly bypass math courses not required for your degree.  

Who needs to take the ALEKS Placement Test?

  • High School Graduates (GPA below 2.0) - Required to take the ALEKS test on campus at GRCC in a proctored environment.
  • High School Graduates (GPA 2.0 or higher) - If your ACT math score is 17 or lower, or your SAT math score is 24 or lower, you are required to take the ALEKS placement test at GRCC (proctored) to complete your admissions to the college.
  • High School Graduates (GPA 2.0 or higher, qualifying SAT/ACT scores) - Your overall GPA is above a 2.0 and your SAT math sub score is 25 or higher, or ACT math sub score is 18 or higher. You can take the ALEKS test unproctored through the Online Center before you can enroll in a math course.
  • College Transfer Students - Individuals who have applied to GRCC with a college transcript, but do not have a 2.0 overall GPA with at least 12 credits earned will be required to take the ALEKS test at GRCC. College transfer students who have above a 2.0 can take the test unproctored.
  • GED Students - Individuals who have submitted a GED as a part of the GRCC application must complete all components of the Placement Tests before being admitted to GRCC.

How to take the ALEKS Placement Test

Students take the ALEKS Placement Test in either a proctored or unproctored environment. Students who are required to take it in a proctored environment must come to GRCC to take ALEKS. All other students may take ALEKS in a suitable testing environment of their choosing through the Online Center.

Schedule your placement test

​If you are required to take ALEKS PPL in a proctored environment, you can schedule a test session. We also accept walk-ins based on availability. Please note that the last tesing time starts at 3:30 p.m., and a photo ID is required to take the ALEKS Placement Test. No exceptions can be made to this policy.

Score Reporting

When you have completed the tests, you will see a report of your scores on the screen and you will receive a printed report of your scores. You will also receive recommended courses for you to enroll in.

Test Locations and Times

The ALEKS Placement Test is administered Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Enrollment Center.

Please note: A photo ID is required to take the ALEKS Placement Test. No exceptions.

Acceptable forms of photo identification:

  • Current driver's license
  • State approved ID
  • College ID
  • Current passport
  • Tribal ID card
  • Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship

Grand Rapids Campus - Enrollment Center
Main Building - 1st Floor
143 Bostwick Avenue NE
Grand Rapids MI 49503
(616) 234-3300

Walk-in testing available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Children are not allowed in the testing area, nor can they be left unattended while you take the test. Please make arrangements prior to your test date. Free parking is available the day you test in the student parking ramps.

Lakeshore Campus – Holland
6364 136th Avenue
Holland, MI 49424 

Please call to schedule an appointment: 616-234-2200

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the ALEKS Placement Test, feel free to refer to our FAQ webpage, call the Placement Testing Office at 616-234-4865 or the Enrollment Center at 616-234-3300.