Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get courses earned at another college or university posted to my GRCC transcript?

Send an official transcript from each college or university to the GRCC Enrollment Center. If sending an electronic copy, please send to Please contact the individual colleges or universities to find out more about their official transcript request process.

What transfers into GRCC?

Information about the various forms of transfer credit can be found on the Transfer Credit webpage. For course or test credit equivalencies, please visit the Transfer Equivalencies webpage.

Where can I see my transfer credit?

Students can view posted transfer credit on their unofficial transcript. Transfer credit will have a grade of 'T'.

How long before my transfer credit can be seen on my transcript?

Please allow 1-2 weeks from the time that your transcript is sent for transfer credit to be evaluated and posted at GRCC. In some cases, such as foreign transfer credit, posting can take 2-4 weeks.

Under what circumstances would my transfer credit not be posted?

A student may not have transfer credit posted if:

  • the transcript received by GRCC is unofficial
  • the student is not degree-seeking
  • grades are below a C
  • the transcript is from an unaccredited institution, etc.

For more information, please contact the Student Records Office at (616) 234-4121.

What does 998/999 elective credit mean? How can they be used?

Courses completed at another college or university that have similar but not equivalent course content when compared to GRCC courses will be posted as 998/999/777/777L elective courses. They can be used as general education electives for catalogs through 2014-15 where applicable. As of fall 2015, they will be treated as general electives only.

Will grades earned at another college or university affect my GRCC GPA if they are transferred and posted on my transcript?

No. Transfer credits will be posted to a student's transcript with T grades which do not factor into the GRCC GPA.

Can transfer credits be removed?

No. Once transfer credits are posted, they become part of a student's permanent record and cannot be removed.

How do I transfer my GRCC classes/credits to another institution?

Transferring classes/credits to another institution can be done by submitting an official transcript request through the Online Center. The receiving institution is responsible for evaluating and posting incoming transfer classes/credits. For more information, visit the transcripts webpage.