Sharing Our Stories: Donors

Ella Hawks

Ella Hawks

Donor, Luella Minisee Memorial Scholarship

“Our mother was in an area nursing home after suffering from a stroke. A number of the nursing assistants were particularly caring to her during her recovery. We learned that many wanted to further their education and become nurses, but due to financial hardships, they had not been able to continue their training. Through our family’s experience, we wanted to provide a helping hand to those who are striving to make a difference in geriatric care. GRCC depends on private donations to continue its work, and although our contributions may be small, together it all adds up.”

Tom and Lea Ebels

Tom and Lee Ebels

Donors, GRCC athletic scholarships

Tom Ebels realizes that higher education has become more expensive since he and his friends graduated from Grand Rapids Junior College, but he’s quick to add: “GRCC is still one of the best bargains around!” He had a unique viewpoint of GRCC’s evolution as the announcer for the Raiders athletic program for more than 35 years.

“I witnessed students who were attracted to the school continue to participate in a sport they loved,” he said. “A benefit from this was that students also applied themselves in the classroom to maintain eligibility. Some would go on to a four-year school to participate and some would not, but they had gained the skills to realize they all were capable of continuing academically to earn a four-year degree that would benefit them for a lifetime.

“This is what education is all about!”