Facilities Training

Skillport Training

As part of the GRCC Facilities Department you may periodically be required to participate in Training provided through Skillport.

To access this training please log in to your Skillport account. Once logged in click on the View Learning Plan tab, select the training and click “Launch." 


Important FYIs:

1. You should receive a message after you click launch, please select “Restart." 
2. The best way to confirm the completion status is to select the Quick Link option in the upper left hand corner of your Skillport account, then click “Learning Transcript."
3. In order to receive a status of completed you must a) view all pages in the training module and b) complete the test with an 80% or higher. Your status will not update to completed unless both requirements are met.

For resources, please visit our Human Resources web page.      


Fire Panel Alarm Training Videos

Access the Facilities Department training on emergency alarm equipment in GRCC buildings.


Carbonics Brew Lab Training Video

Access the Facilities Department training on the Carbonics CO2 system in the ATC building.