Types of Appointments

Academic Advising (30 minutes)

Academic advising appointments help students to clarify academic goals, understand course placement and plan academic schedules. Counselors can assist students in understanding graduation requirements, meeting course prerequisites and transfer requirements.

Career Counseling (60 minutes)

Career Counseling appointments help students make decisions about life direction. Counselors help students to clarify values and identify career options. In addition, career counseling can provide accurate and up-to-date career information and advice, and help students to learn the techniques of making good decisions, setting goals and the importance of balance and prioritizing.

Personal Counseling (60 minutes)

Personal Counseling appointments help students to recognize what is upsetting to them, clarify goals, focus on studies and find ways of dealing with difficult situations. These can range from conflict with parents, death of a family member or friend, break-up of a relationship or feelings of stress, depression and/or anxiety. Confidential individual counseling is available. Referrals can also be made to off-campus counseling resources.

Advisors and Counselors strive to return your messages promptly, but due to school breaks and volume of office traffic there may be a delay in responding to your phone or e-mail message. Note: Counselors cannot discuss personal student records via phone or email.