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GRCC Workforce Training

So Much to Talk About..

Winter is a very busy time for Workforce Training. It seems like we never outgrow our desire to learn something new when the days are short and cold!

We have partnered with Lisa Corfixson to offer workshops to help you and employees improve workplace performance skills. Not all companies can afford to bring in an expensive consultant to do training; that's why we love bringing the consultant here to offer quality workshops at prices all can afford! Sign up today!

This year the State of Michigan has made significant changes in the Motorcycle Safety Training requirements. A new required E-Course (online class module) will be required and must be completed prior to taking any training course at the motorcycle range. Registration will open on March 18, 2015

If you are not ready to commit to becoming a certified Lean Champion - get a big bang for your buck by going through our Value Stream Mapping Seminar. This one aspect of process quality control is a game changer!

Our Advanced Manufacturing Series is new! We have several new electives and employers are saying great things about the outcomes.

Stay warm and come see us at the Tassell M-TEC. We look forward to it.