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Advanced Manufacturing Series

Advanced Manufacturing Series

GRCC’s Workforce Training has developed a series of short and relevant workshops that focus specifically on growing your knowledge and skills of manufacturing. The ultimate goal is to impact the quality and profitability of your company. Why is this important? From print reading and interpreting to inspecting final product, your skills are critical to providing a consistently high-quality product. Your employer will benefit but you will too. The quick module program allows you to focus on the specific skills which will help you better understand and execute your manufacturing responsibilities.

We know you don’t have time to waste!

How the series works

Most courses in the series meet for just four hours and are conveniently offered at the GRCC Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC (where parking is easy!). You may take one workshop, a combination of workshops, or the entire series. If you successfully complete four core courses (16 hours) plus an additional four courses (16 hours) you will receive an Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Certificate from GRCC.

Series Modules

  • Lean Manufacturing Overview (CORE)

  • Print Reading for Manufacturing I (CORE)

  • Basic Metrology and Measurement System Error (CORE)

  • Problem Solving - 8 Steps and 5 Whys (CORE)

  • Print Reading for Manufacturing II

  • Manufacturing Terminology, Processes and Practices

  • Working Better in Teams

  • Sustainability - Greening the Workplace

  • Quality Products & Quality Management Systems

  • Statistical Process Control 1

  • Statistical Process Control 2


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