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Join us for a special continuing education event for Medical Assistants

GRCC brings together two professionals to address timely issues facing healthcare. By attending the evening presentations, RMAs in good standing earn two hours of continuing education (CCP).

New Generation Tobacco Products: Big Tobacco’s Candy Land

Presented by Elaine C. Lyon, MA, Public Health Consultant

During this seminar, we will review efforts at tobacco prevention and learn about so-called New Generation Tobacco Products: Hookah, Electronic Cigarettes, other new products, and revamped “older” products (i.e. candy flavored spit tobacco). Actual products will be displayed so that you can learn about their use and availability, firsthand and secondhand health impacts, and how they are uniquely marketed to youth.

Specimen Collection Follies

Presented by Jeffrey Lavender, MBA, MT (AMT), CLT (HHS)

Properly collecting a specimen for analysis is the most critical part of testing. An improper or inadequate specimen can lead to improper or inadequate test results. In this session, we will take a light-hearted approach to how to properly collect a specimen, and the consequences of when that goes wrong. 

Date: Thursday, June 4, 2015

Time: 6:15-9:00pm

Grand Rapids Community College

Leslie Tassell MTEC

622 Godfrey SW

Grand Rapids MI 49503


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GRCC Workforce Training is dedicated to lifelong learning endeavors that focus on assisting healthcare professionals retain or enhance current professional licenses. Topics are chosen to be practical and applicable in order to strengthen your professional practices.

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