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Food & Agriculture

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Workforce Training offerings Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training for farmers, urban agriculture for new farmers, and food hubs.  We also provide customized training for food processors.

GAP - Food Safety Training

Through a regional, public/private sector partnership, GRCC’s Workforce Training offers Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Food Safety. This program combines best practices from Michigan, along with other regions in the country to help local farmers produce a self-audit, and ultimately a food safety manual suitable for review by an auditor. This program provides the GAP training needed to certify area farmers so they can supply Michigan grocers and wholesale distributors.

GRCC's GAP Food Safety program is one of the most comprehensive training programs in food safety practices, due to it's on-farm mentoring program which prepares growers for full certification. This training is especially valuable for small and mid-size growers working in sustainable agriculture in the state of Michigan.

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