Proposal Submission

1. The proposal is designed to guide faculty members in the construction of a service learning experience covering the following topics:

  • Curriculum Planning, Community Partner, Service, Connectivity and Reflection
  • ideally, proposals are prepared a semester in advance to ensure proper establishment of a community partner and agreed upon service project
  • proposals are due no later than Friday, September 11 if they are participating in the fall semester and Friday, November 6 if they are participating in the winter semester.
  • It's best to read "Tips for integrating Service Learning" first!
  • This procedure is often paired with 1-2 hours of training.
  • A syllabus is also submitted as part of the approval process and must meet the service learning syllabus standards.
  • Refer to the service learning language for the syllabus.

Proposal Review and Approval Process

1. The Service Learning Review Team will review the submitted materials and determine if the proposal meets the armen awards criteria.

  • The Review Team is composed of faculty and administrators.
  • This review process may take 3-5 business days.
  • click [here] for the review/approval criteria
  • clcik [here] for a completed proposal example
  • proposals are submitted using a web form.

2. Once the proposal is approved, notification will go out to the faculty member and sponsoring Department Head.

3. The faculty member is resonsible for completing the service learning registration process.

  • This allows the College to collect required information to add the service learning designation onto students transcript.
  • Faculty can submit their proposal by filling out a web form
  • Refer to an example of a completed web form.