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Proposal Submission

Submitting the Service Learning Curriculum Integration Plan

Teams participating in the Armen Awards must successfully complete and submit the Service Learning Curriculum Integration Plan no later than Saturday, November 1, 2014.  All documents must be emailed to Michael Schavey at

We are here to help!

Teams can receive support for completing the Service Learning Curriculum Integration Plan by contacting the Department of Experiential Learning.


Armen Awards Proposal Form

This web form is designed to guide faculty members in the construction of a service learning experience covering the following topics:

  1. Curriculum Planning
    • Description
    • Course Outcomes
    • General Learner Outcomes
    • Curriculum Enhancements
    • Related Disciplines
    • Faculty Teaching and Learning Practices
  2. Community Partner
    • Description
    • Mission
    • Contact Information
  3. Service
    • Description
    • Community Partner Capacity
    • Demonstration of how the service learning project will be sustained
    • Commitments
  4. Connectivity
    • Description
    • Example Connectivity Component
    • Design your Connectivity Component
  5. Reflection
    • Description
    • Levels of Reflection
    • Methods of Reflection
    • Design your Reflective Components