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Membership in Campus Activities is open to all currently registered students at Grand Rapids Community College. There are three types of members: Executive Board Members, Voting Members, and Non-Voting Members.

Executive Board Members

The Executive Board consist of five elected positions: President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Finance, and Vice President of Operations. All Executive Board members serve a one year term.  At least one Executive Board member must be present at all events at all times. Executive Board Members must attend at least 70% of all events throughout the year. Executive Board members are elected at the end of March or early April. 

Voting Members

Voting members must be a current student at Grand Rapids Community College in good social, as well as academic standing. Voting members are also required to hold a position in at least three event committees throughout the academic year. Voting members that withdraw from the College, suspended or is put on academic or social suspension will be considered to have resigned on the day that absence officially begins.

Non-Voting Members

Anyone who is interested in Campus Activities but has not been elected into a voting member status.

Additional Information

All non-voting members who wish to become voting members must complete an online application form via OrgSync, volunteer with at least one Campus Activities event or attend three entire meetings consecutively, participate in an interview with the membership and be voted in by the membership.

  • Candidates will be voted on by the voting membership of Campus Activities with each member receiving one vote.
  • Voting will take place with a majority vote (one more than half) by a raise of hands. If this majority is not reached, the candidate will not receive the voting member status.
  • 3/4 of the Executive Board must be present when voting in new members.