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Seeking Employment?

On-Campus Employment 

  • Available to current students enrolled in at least six credits in both the fall and winter semesters, and three credits for summer semester.
  • Lifeguards are paid at $9.75/hour. All other positions are paid at $9.25/hr.
  • Did you know that GRCC Students who are employed by the college as a student worker are not required to pay FICA taxes? This equates to more than $.70 extra/hr in take home than an off-campus position! So, making $9.25 at GRCC is like making $9.95 elsewhere!
  • Students can view Work Study and Non Work Study positions by signing into Raider Jobs.
  • When signing up for Raider Jobs, students should use their GRCC email account.
  • To apply for an on-campus position, applicants must sign into Raider Jobs and click "Apply Now" for the job(s) they wish to apply for. A "Document" (i.e. resume, cover letter, etc) is not required to apply. After applying, applicants must visit Student Employment Services to meet with a staff interviewer.

Off-Campus Employment 

  • Available to any student that has completed a class at GRCC.
  • Create an account via Raider Jobs.
  • Once your account is verified, upload a resume and apply for openings!
  • When signing for Raider Jobs, students/former students should use their GRCC email account if one is active.

Interested in Recruiting GRCC Students?

Click here to view our external job posting policy.

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