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Student Organizations

Unless otherwise stated, wherever this Code refers to “student,” the same also applies to student organizations.
“Student Organization” means any group or organization of students that has obtained official recognition as a Student Organization from GRCC Student Life. Communications with Student Organizations will be directed to the president, principal officer, or other students designated by the group to act as an agent on behalf of the group.

Standard of Conduct

Student Organizations are expected to adhere to the same standards of conduct applicable to individual students. Specific violations of these standards include, but are not limited to:

  1. Violating or permitting members or their guests to violate, or failing to prevent when prevention was possible the violation of, this Code of Conduct or any applicable city, state, or federal law or regulation.
  2. Violating or permitting members or their guests to violate, or failing to prevent where such prevention was possible the violation of any contract or other agreement between the student organization and the College.
  3. Committing any act in violation of any policy, procedure or agreement, including the policies described in the most recent version of the Student Organizations Manual or another agreement between a student organization and a College official and department, as well as rules promulgated by appropriate College officials, and any other rules made applicable to student organizations.


Application of Policy

  1. Any violation of this Code of Conduct by one or more members of a Student Organization may constitute a violation by the organization itself. Where those administering the Student Code of Conduct conclude that there is sufficient connection between the acts of individual students and an organization to which they belong, sanctions may be imposed on the organization as well as any offending member. Conversely, when an organization has been found guilty of a Code offense, those administering the Student Code of Conduct may impose sanctions on some or all members of that organization depending upon the degree of general participation in the offense.
  2.  In the event that a student or group is charged with an offense under this Code, it shall not be a defense that the Organization in question is one which is no longer recognized by the College as a result of its status being rescinded, revoked or suspended.


Membership in a Registered Student Organization may not be restricted on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, veteran status, handicap status, or sexual orientation.  A student may not impede or obstruct the College’s suspension of a Student Organization by joining, becoming a member of, or in any way assisting or participating in a student organization that is currently on suspension from the College.