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Student-athletes represent GRCC in special ways by bringing public and private recognition of the community to GRCC. Therefore, the Athletic Department imposes a higher standard of conduct on its student-athletes. The code set forth below indicates what criteria may be used to suspend or dismiss a student-athlete from an intercollegiate team.

  • Athletes are required to abide by all local, state and federal laws, as well as GRCC rules and regulations. 
  • Team practice and game match rules and regulations are to be adhered to at all times. Athletes are to comply with reporting at a designated time for home athletic contests or departure to or from off-campus competitions unless they have received prior permission of the respective coach to alter their reporting time. 
  • Athletes are to adhere to rules regarding tardiness or absenteeism. More than two occasions of tardiness or absenteeism without prior approval of the coach for practice, team departure to any away contest/event, or sports medical treatment will subject the athlete to team suspension. 
  • Student-athletes must demonstrate high standards of sportsmanship and fair play while participating in an intercollegiate athletic program of the GRCC.
  • Student-athletes must interact appropriately with teammates, coaches, sports medicine and support staff. Insubordination in dealing with the coaches, athletic administrative staff or sports medicine staff will be grounds for suspension or dismissal. Student-athletes must conduct themselves in a manner which brings credit to themselves, their teammates and the GRCC. Conduct or being involved in activities which could bring negative public opinion to the team or athletic department of GRCC is considered a violation of the Code of Conduct. 
  • Student-athletes are required to attend classes and study tables to maintain academic standards established by GRCC. Athletes who are put on academic, social or disciplinary probation or suspension from GRCC are subject to suspension or dismissal from the intercollegiate team.

Consequences of Athletic Misconduct at GRCC

A student-athlete who violates any one or a combination of the standards set forth in the GRCC Student Athlete Code of Conduct or the rules or regulations of GRCC is subject to temporary or permanent suspension or dismissal from the GRCC intercollegiate team as well as sanctions for general misconduct as set forth in this policy. Disregard of the criteria and standards set forth herein can affect the renewal of athletic financial aid for the student-athlete.