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Training Summary

A Training Summary is an aggregate of all of your professional development activities during a particular fiscal year.  A Training Summary is extremely useful for both staff and supervisors when conducting an annual performance review, and in developing a learning plan.

Professional Development – Tracking

  • Internal Courses: are training sessions which Staff Development provides directly to employees through its Current Learning Opportunities Registration.
  • External Courses: are learning opportunities provided through sources other than Staff Development. Professional development credit for external trainings may include courses or conferences for which a Grand Rapids Community College Leave of Absence form has been completed. If an employee states the number of hours of participation in the training/conference and the competency is identified, the training or conference will be included in the Training Summary as an external course. External courses also include webinars and on-campus training which don't require a Leave of Absence form to be completed. If an employee requests professional development credit for this type of training, they are able to add the learning opportunity through the Self-service option in PeopleSoft or the GRCC Online Learning Center.
  • College Credit: Effective July, 2007, an employee in Meet & Confer, ESP, CEBA, or Campus Police can apply college credits toward their professional development. The hours of professional development for a college course are calculated by taking the number of hours a week the course meets multiplied by the number of weeks the course took place.
    • Example: Course A meets for 2 hours Mondays and Wednesdays for 10 weeks. 2 X 2 (two days a week) = 4 hours X 10 weeks = 40 hours of professional development.
    • An employee wanting to have a college course count towards his/her professional development must complete a College Credit for Professional Development form.
    • The employee must complete and submit the entire form to Staff Development, along with a copy of their college transcript reflecting final grade of C or higher.