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Training Summary

A Training Summary is an aggregate of all of your professional development activities during a particular fiscal year.  A Training Summary is extremely useful for both staff and supervisors when conducting an annual performance review, and in developing a learning plan.

Your Training Summary is available to review through the Online Center. You will need to log in to your account, using your Novell login and password. Next, choose GRCC Employee, then the Training Summary tab.

Professional Development

Employees are able to add professional development to their Training Summary. To do so login to Peoplesoft Self Service, select Training Summary and click the Professional Training link. Please note: Internal trainings offered by Staff Development or external training that has a complete/approved Leave of Absence form will be recorded by Staff Development on your training summary. Examples of professional development you are able to add include webinars, college courses, wellness development, or other trainings.

Internal Courses are training sessions which Staff Development provides directly to employees through its Current Learning Opportunities Registration.

External Courses are learning opportunities provided through sources other than Staff Development. Professional development credit for external trainings may include courses or conferences for which a Grand Rapids Community College Leave of Absence form has been completed. If an employee states the number of hours of participation in the training/conference and the competency is identified, the training or conference will be included in the Training Summary as an external course. External courses also include webinars and on-campus training which don't require a Leave of Absence form to be completed. If an employee requests professional development credit for this type of training, they are able to add the learning opportunity through the Self-service option in PeopleSoft or the GRCC Online Learning Center.

College Credit earned by an employee in Meet & Confer, APSS, CEBA, or Campus Police can apply toward their professional development. The hours of professional development for a college course are calculated by taking the number of hours a week the course meets multiplied by the number of weeks the course took place.

  • Example: Course A meets for 2 hours Mondays and Wednesdays for 10 weeks. 2 X 2 (two days a week) = 4 hours X 10 weeks = 40 hours of professional development.
  • An employee wanting to have a college course count towards his/her professional development must complete a College Credit for Professional Development form.
  • The employee must complete and submit the entire form to Staff Development, along with a copy of their college transcript reflecting final grade of C or higher.