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Professional Development

Staff Development offers professional development sessions to all employees (faculty and staff) of Grand Rapids Community College and provides other services including:

  • To help individual employees meet their educational and professional development goals and needs,
  • To assist departments in achieving team effectiveness and communication, and
  • To identify, and facilitate the meeting of, institutional training and development needs

We offer training sessions each year on a wide range of topics. Our training professionals also partner with individual departments in the development of customized programs to meet specific needs, and collaborate with other training and development units in the design and offering of programs.

If you or your department are looking for a specific training and development opportunity not included in the calendar below please contact

How to Register

To register for a learning opportunity please review the list below, you can view details of a session by clicking the “+” sign.  Once you have identified a training click the Register link. (Please refer to the How to Register document under Resources on the right hand side of the screen for detailed instructions.)

Need to register for a Faculty professional development opportunity? Please visit the Center for Teaching Excellence at