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GRCC Leadership Institute

The Grand Rapids Community College Leadership Institute is a 12-month leadership program committed to strengthening new or emerging leaders from across campus. This program is geared to foster a broader understanding of the campus community, accelerate talent development, and hone individual and team leadership skills.

The Leadership Institute is designed for individuals who have the capacity and desire to make a positive influence on our campus.  Leadership Institute includes content pertinent to talent identification, leadership development, and addressing issues relevant to the college community.  Participants will have opportunities to engage in college improvement strategies and lead a project within their individual areas of passion.


The GRCC Leadership Institute programs seek a diverse pool of candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Exemplifies GRCC's Values
  • Commitment to attending the program in its entirety
  • Continuing employment at GRCC for one year after completion of the Leadership Institute program

Selection Process

An employee may self–nominate or be nominated by another member of the GRCC Family for the Leadership Institute. The application must have the immediate supervisor and the executive budget control officer’s signature of approval. The leadership screening committee conducts the selection process. Staff Development will notify each applicant selected (or not selected) to participate in the Leadership Institute.

Application Requirements

Please complete this application in its entirety. Nominations are welcomed.
Application form not currently available for 2015.

Leadership Institute (for New or Emerging Leaders)

Whether you are new leader entering a new role or aspiring to become a leader one day, this Leadership Institute is designed for you. This Institute focuses on leadership development that addresses the unique challenges of a community of higher education. In this Institute you will learn how to develop your full potential, improve communication, and strengthen organizational culture through key leadership competencies. This Institute emphasizes the importance of preparation (acquiring expertise), navigating turbulent obstacles, as well as recognizing and utilizing skills and opportunities—all steps necessary for successful results.

You will receive support from a seasoned GRCC leader who will partner with you as your coach. You will also design, implement and execute a stretch project of your choosing that addresses an issue that is strategically relevant to GRCC.By focusing on self-awareness, ingenuity, best practices, experiential learning, and coaching; this program strengthens the leadership skills of GRCC faculty and staff and includes:

1. A flexible, self-paced leadership development curriculum offered over a one year period

2. Support from a seasoned GRCC leader who has been trained in coaching

3. Learning resources to support Individual Development Plans (IDP)

4. Completion of a project addressing an issue that is strategically relevant to GRCC

Interested in Coaching? (for Seasoned Leaders)

Success breeds success. Tapping into the wisdom of peers is probably one of the most beneficial assets that seasoned professionals can offer. The coaching relationship enables Institute participants to share their project plans, struggles and progress. In return, the coach can share perspectives, experiences, accountability and resources to develop emerging leaders.

To participate as a leadership coach, you must be willing and available to invest the time to actively participate in this year-long program. You will be provided with learning resources to enhance and guide the coaching process. You will be paired with an emerging leader to serve as a mentor in professional development and as a coach in the participant’s design and implementation of a GRCC-specific stretch project. Your knowledge, partnership and experience are vital to the success of this program.The leadership coaching experience prepares seasoned leaders at GRCC to coach developing leaders and includes:

1. Training and resources that equip seasoned leaders with the skills to act as coaches for developing leaders

2. A one year commitment to coaching a developing leader through an individualized development plan 

3. Joining a community of leaders who are committed to GRCC’s effectiveness and sustainability

If you are interesting in being a Leadership Coach, please contact Cathy Wilson