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Hold it for the Holidays 2014-2015

We LOVE the holidays - and we love to eat!  Unfortunately, the average American gains 1-2 pounds over the holidays and they never lose it. Don't let that happen to you!

Hold it for the Holidays is a 6 week wellness challenge (November 24, 2014 until January 5, 2015) that is open to all Faculty, Staff and their significant others!  

It's simple - just participate by maintaining your weight from Thanksgiving to New Year's. By the time January 2 rolls around, if you successfully maintained your weight within two pounds of your pre-Thanksgiving weight, you have won!  And if your significant other would like to join in the fun, they are more than welcome to!  Just have them fill out the sheet and submit $5.00. 

The Hold it for the Holidays rules and participation pre-Thanksgiving and Post New Year's sheet are availible to print out in the sidebar on this page.

If you have any questions - contact Julie Otte in Staff Development.