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Staff Excellence in Education Award

To honor one faculty member and one staff member for his or her contributions to the College, higher education and the community.

All current, full-time GRCC employees who has been employed for at least five (5) years at GRCC and has not received the award previously.


Excellence – committed to the highest standards in our learning and working environment and strives for distinction in all aspects of their work.
Diversity – creates an inclusive learning and working environment that recognizes the value and dignity of each person.
Responsiveness – anticipates and addresses the needs of students, colleagues, and community.
Innovation – seeks creative solutions to problems through experimentation and adaptation.
Accountability – sets benchmarks and outcomes to frame their decision-making, measure their performance, and evaluate their results.
Sustainability – uses resources in responsible ways to achieve balance among our social, economic, and environmental practices and policies.
Respect – treats others with courtesy, consideration and civility.
Integrity – committed to GRCC values and takes personal responsibility for their words and actions.

Nomination Process

  • Any current or retired GRCC employee may place the name of any current full time GRCC staff member who has been employed for at least 5 years into nomination.
  • The nominator must not tell the nominee thay are being nominated. This is to be kept confidential from the nominee.
  • The nominee must be an employee in good standing.
  • The nominator must obtain 12 signatures: 4 within the department; 4 outside of the nominee's department; 4 others which can include retired GRCC employees or students. (Endorsers may sign only one petition per academic year, members of the award selection committee are not eligible to endorse any petition. Persons who write narratives are not eligible to sign this document.).
  • The nominator will write a narrative on the official nomination form describing how the nominee exemplifies the GRCC Values, speaking to the nominee's impact across the college (not just in his/her own area). Limit the narrative to two pages.
  • The nominator will find one faculty member or student and one additional GRCC employee to write a supporting narrative on the official nomination form describing how the nominee meets the award criteria; limit the narrative to two pages.
  • Send Staff nominations to Julie Otte in Employee Profession Development & Enrichment and Faculty nominations to Deb DeWent in the Provost's Office for consideration by the stated deadline on the form.

Selection process:
Academic Governing Council will select the Excellence in Education Faculty Award recipient. A committee representing staff will select the Excellence in Education Staff Award recipient.

Method of Recognition:
The Excellence in Education Awards are presented at the August Openinng Day by the President. Each recipient receives $1,000. A $1,000 contribution is also made to the GRCC Foundation in the recipient's name.

Staff Award: Staff Development
Faculty Award: Provost's Office

Past Recipients:
View past Excellence in Education Award recipients