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Customer Service

Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training produces DVD-based training programs which will improve the way GRCC communicates with students, faculty, staff and guests. This 18-DVD Complete Customer Service Training Library is a powerful collection of highly effective customer service training courseware. Each title comes with a full participant workbook for group or individual use. The following titles are available to check out.

The Service Mentality

Apart from the actual skills and techniques, why is it that some people seem like 'naturals' when it comes to providing great service? This program identifies and highlights the basic characteristics and traits of people who demonstrate excellent customer service.

Determining Caller Needs

Listening skills and questioning techniques are both critical components to providing superior customer service. This popular program teaches the six basic steps to becoming a more effective listener plus identifies six effective questioning skills, plus how and when to use them effectively.

From Curt to Courteous:The Seven Touch Points Of Communications. 

This new program addresses understanding and being understood in spoken and written service situations. Covers voice, tone, words used and how the listener's perception affects how well you communicate with customers. Course identifies synchronous communication methods (phone, face-to-face and instant messaging) along with asynchronous communication methods (email, voicemail, fax and letters).

Four C's of Coaching Skills

A powerful management development resource. This content-rich training tool explains the differences between training, coaching, and counseling and illustrates our proven Four Cs of Coaching Model in a variety of service and line management situations.

Five Forbidden Phrases® 

Don't tell customers what you can't do, tell them what you can do. Your staff will learn the Five Forbidden Phrases® of Customer Service followed by the Positive Alternatives they should be using instead. By following the techniques in this program your team will prevent service mishaps before they occur. Includes both telephone and face to face examples.

Six Cardinal Rules of Customer Service

Viewers will meet the men and women responsible for originating some of the worst customer service habits which plague the planet today. Watch Joanie Jargon baffle her caller with an unending array of internal codes and abbreviations. See Bob Backwards put his paperwork before his customers. You'll recognize each inductee and your team will want to avoid duplicating their error!

Selling Skills From A to Z

This basic sales training program is loaded with twenty-six powerful skills and techniques which will be of immediate help to everyone in a customer service or telesales position. Topic chapters are divided up into 26 easy-to-use sections, with each being one to two minutes each. Content includes Features vs Benefits, Echo Questions, Using Tie-downs and much more.

Proactive Customer Service

There are basically three levels of service in the world. Do your customer contact employees deliver passive, average, or proactive service to your customers? This popular video training program teaches the importance of high energy, enthusiasm, rapport building and cross selling.

Essential Telephone Skills

Addresses ten simple yet crucial skills which form the very foundation for delivering exceptional customer service on the phone. Topics include answering a business call, placing callers on hold, offering spoken feedback signals, avoiding excuses, being aware of mouth noises and regain control of the conversation.

Six Steps to Service Recovery

Offering great service is usually easy when things are going well. You don't truly learn about an organization's service character until something goes wrong. In today's competitive service environment merely correcting the problem isn't always enough. Many situations require Service Recovery. Service Recovery is a specific set of actions which customer-oriented organizations take whenever there's a disappointment for the customer.

Seven Keys to a Positive Mental Attitude

This powerful program helps viewers understand that a great attitude isn't something that magically happens. Rather, it's a choice which people make in advance about how they're going to deal with life's events. Key points include choosing your attitude in advance, visualizing success and resisting negative influences.

How to Avoid Emotional Leakage

Have you ever had a bad day and then barked at a coworker? Or worse yet, at a customer? We call it Emotional Leakage and this short awareness program will help viewers realize how damaging this behavior can be. Seeing Emotional Leakage from a third party point of view will raise your staff sensitivity to this widespread problem.

Influencing The Interaction

This course identifies six practices which will help service providers offer a more positive experience for their customer. From showing patience and tolerance to a senior citizen to the importance of avoiding common distractions in the workplace, this program raises awareness about how each team member contributes to a positive interaction.

How to Handle the Irate Customer

This best selling customer service video program includes a highly effective four point plan for calming irate customers and maximizing their situation. Trainees will first learn that irate calls are nothing personal. The customer is upset at a problem, not at the CSR. This program includes the proven ASAP technique for handling irate customers.

Essential Elements of Internal Customer Service

Employees either serve customers directly or they serve someone who does. It's critical for superior service to begin within the walls of your organization. This program illustrates the six essential elements for improving internal customer service and help employees realize we are customers to each other.

How to Deal with the Foreign Accent

This program explains that all callers are created equal and offers techniques which will make communications easier with foreign language customers. Realistic vignettes and characters make this program a powerful sensitivity builder.

That's Just Rude! Exploring the Rudeness Matrix

What exactly constitutes rude behavior? Must it be intentional? This program explores the various types of rudeness according to the Rudeness Matrix and also raises awareness to how one's actions can be perceived as rude. Humorous vignettes make this program a must see training tool.

Maintaining Customer Relationships

Most everyone understands the importance of excellent customer service during the purchasing process. But what happens after the transaction? How do we cement a relationship with customers to move their purchase from merely a transaction into a long-term relationship? This course emphasizes the importance of follow up after the sale and gives realistic examples of how to handle the five most common follow-up scenarios.

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