Programs of Study

Grand Rapids Community College, in partnership with the Workforce Development Agency Community College Services Unit, welcomes you to Michigan’s Postsecondary Programs of Study website.

With the passage of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006, Michigan’s community colleges have begun to pilot a process to develop and implement programs of study for its postsecondary programs.

What is a Program of Study? A program of study is a sequence of instruction (based on recommended standards and knowledge and skills) consisting of coursework, co-curricular activities, work-site learning, service learning and other learning experiences. This sequence of instruction provides preparation for a career.

The Community College Services, in cooperation with Michigan Community Colleges, began the Michigan Community College Programs of Study initiative in 2009 in order to support the student success initiatives at the colleges.

The outcomes of this work are:

  1. meet and exceed the requirement within the Perkins Act;
  2. align technical and academic competencies and assessments for secondary career and technical courses to community college POS;
  3. for youth and adults identify prerequisite knowledge, skills and/or courses, and assessments required to be successful upon entering a college occupational program.

Fourteen Michigan community colleges and over 35 occupational programs have followed a development process that resulted in a Program of Study for their program (occupational and academic).  In addition, some programs have continued their work in a second year project.  Within this website you will find resource documents, presentations and examples of these Programs of Study.

For technical assistance and questions, please contact:

Sheree Price
Higher Education Consultant, Community College Services Unit