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Student Internship Process at Grand Rapids Community College

You have heard it said:

To get a job you must have experience.

But how can you get experience?

How can you get the opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge to real life experiences?  Internships provide that opportunity.

You may be eligible for an internship if you:

  • Are currently enrolled at Grand Rapids Community College.
  • Have completed coursework in the discipline related to the internship.
  • Receive approval from your department or instructor, depending on whether the internship is for academic credit.
  • Complete and submit all the necessary paperwork prior to the start of the internship.

There are two different ways that students at GRCC participate in internships. 

  1. One way is to take a class for credit.  This the method used by students in departments where internship courses are available; students in a non-credit curriculum may have this opportunity, too. In this instance, an internship is a course which is a supervised, professional experience, guided by learning outcomes.  Internships build on and enhance previous coursework and allow students an opportunity to make connections in the professional fields they are considering for career paths. 
  2. Students taking courses in a non-credit curriculum also have the opportunity to work with faculty to find an internship placement that is employer coordinated.  Although not taken for credit, these internships are also a supervised, professional experience, guided by learning outcomes that give students an opportunity to make professional connections.

5 Steps For Students to Get Internship Experience

  1. The Search: Just as you may need to do some searching for a job after you graduate you may need to do some searching for an internship.  Job Fairs, Student Employment Services, your own networking, and instructor contacts are all helpful places to start your search. 
  2. The Preparation: You will want to complete a professional resume and practice interview skills.  Need some advice?  Check out the resources on the right hand side of this page.
  3. The ApprovalStudents in non-credit courses will want to get faculty approval for an internship prior to interviewing with an employer so that learning outcomes will be mutually agreed upon. 
    Students in credit course will want to interview and receive an internship offer and then seek departmental approval to enroll in the course. 
  4. The Packet:  Once an employer offers an internship and learning goals are approved by your faculty advisor, remember to sign and submit all necessary forms.
  5. The Experience:  You are ready to go to work.  This is an important step in the development of your professional career pathway.  Remember to promptly complete and submit any required reports. Evaluation and feedback is an important part of your experience, too!