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GRCC @ Grandville

Grandville High School
4700 Canal Ave SW 

Grandville, MI 49418



Academic Offerings

GRCC offers seven to nine general education courses for the fall and winter semesters in the evenings at Grandville High School.

Summer 2015 Semester Registration Dates

February 10th  30+ Credits/Higher Earned

February 12th  12+ Credits/Higher Earned

February 17th  0 - 11 Credits/Higher Earned

February 19th  Open Enrollment

Summer 2015 Semester Starts Monday, May 11th

GRCC does not hold any summer semester courses at Grandville High School.  Summer semester courses are offered at the GR Campus and Lakeshore Campus only.

Facilities and Parking

Parking is available off of Canal Ave in the NW parking lot.  Please use the NW entrance to the building for all GRCC classes. The classrooms are located on the First Floor, Rooms 116 - 118.

Inclement Weather Policy

Grand Rapids Community College rarely closes because of winter weather conditions.  If and when the College does close, the College will do its best to notify students, faculty, and staff of such closings.


Kent County - All

The message “GRCC Kent County – Closed – DAY & EVENING Classes” means cancellation of all GRCC day and evening classes and activities at its downtown campus, Tassell M-TEC, and Kent County regional sites (i.e. Grandville).

Kent County – Regional Sites

The message “GRCC at Grandville – Evening Classes Cancelled” means GRCC has decided to cancel  and  will not hold its classes at the Grandville location.  This determination is normally made before 3:00 p.m.

On the other hand, if Grandville Public Schools has cancelled daytime operations, but GRCC can still hold its evening courses, then GRCC will hold its courses at the high school.


Dan Clark
Dean of Academic Outreach

(616) 234-4354 office
(616) 633-2893 cell


Karen TenBroeke
Educational Support Professional

(616) 234-3007 office