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Provost Position Description


  • Provide balanced leadership to the administration, faculty, and staff of the School of Arts and Science, School of Workforce Development, Student Affairs, Student Success and Retention, Institutional Research and Planning, and Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Model and champion the College’s core values: Excellence, Diversity, Responsiveness, Innovation, Accountability, Sustainability, Respect, and Integrity.
  • Work closely with the President and other officers to provide overall internal executive leadership to, and support for, the faculty, staff, and their respective systems of support in Academic and Student Affairs through the creation, revision, and/or removal of policies related to Academic and Student Affairs.
  • Lead College efforts to promote and sustain a rigorous, compassionate, and learning-centered environment that supports student success in both credit and non-credit areas through collaborative decision making and strategic planning.
  • Oversee academic programs and curriculum development to ensure that the College remains current and viable in the educational community.
  • Ensure the primacy of the academic mission in all College decision-making including, but not limited to, physical and technological infrastructure, budget, fundraising, and internal and external communications.
  • Assure that College policies and procedures governing academic and student issues enhance the learning environment and reflect current needs and appropriate practices.
  • Collaborate with the chief academic officers of area institutions, transfer institutions, intermediate school districts, regional school district superintendents, government agencies, and other community organizations to promote academic partnerships, scholarships, and resources. 
  • Create an inclusive environment and ensure a diverse and representative population of faculty, staff, and students through recruitment, enrollment, and retention of all target populations who represent a wide range of age, ethnicity, national origin, and ability.


The applicant must bring a minimum five-year record of successful service as a full-time classroom faculty member at a college or university with experience in curriculum development and design. Five or more years of progressively responsible supervisory and management experience in a college or university with a diverse student body also is desired, along with a record of academic and scholarly achievement sufficient to earn the respect of the academic community. The applicant should be an experienced, creative administrator with demonstrated leadership skills needed to foster the academic progress and vitality of the College. She or he must have a demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity. Experience in a community college is preferred, as well as experience with collective bargaining in a college or university environment.

Additional Requirements

Additional job requirements are detailed in the following documents: