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Syllabus Template

These Common Syllabus Components were approved by the Academic Governing Council (AGC) during the April 23, 2013 meeting.  Please visit the AGC website for further information.

Please use the 'GRCC Catalog' link to the right to access the current Curriculum Documents for the Course Description and Course Outcomes.  You will need to use the drop down menu on the top of the GRCC Catalog page to access the GRCC Curriculum Database.  Once you have accessed the GRCC Curriculum Database, click on 'Courses' to find a specific Course Document (see 'Accessing Curriculum Document Instructions' for details).

General Information

Instructor Name

Contact Information (preferred method of contact)

Availability (office hours, if applicable)

Course Information (course description, name, number (from the Curriculum Document)

Required Materials (textbook, supplies)

Student Learning Outcomes (from the Curriculum Document)

Course Specific Requirements (Background Check, Off Campus Trips, etc.)

Section Policies

Attendance Policy

Grading Procedure (assessment breakdown: ex: 25% quizzes, 75% papers)

Grading Policy (how final grade is calculated: ex: 75% = C)

Late Assignment Policy

College Policies

GRCC Email and Course Communications

Students are responsible for all communications sent via Blackboard and to their GRCC email account. 

GRCC student email can be accessed through and Blackboard at

Disability Support Services

Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations must be registered with the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office in Room 368 of the Student Center.  You may contact them at (616) 234-4140 for more information.  Once you are registered with the DSS Office, you will be given an Accommodations Agreement to present to me to verify your registration.   Please see me as soon as possible so we may have a private conversation to discuss accommodations.

Student Code of Conduct

All GRCC students are held accountable to the Student Code of Conduct, which outlines expectations pertaining to academic honesty (including cheating and plagiarism), classroom conduct, and general conduct.  The Code can be found in full at

*Add course/instructor specific implications of code violations

Changes to the Syllabus

The instructor reserves the right to change the contents of this syllabus due to unforeseen circumstances.  Students will be given notice of relevant changes in class, through a Blackboard Announcement or GRCC email.