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Two nursing students at GRCC working together

A Nursing Student Mentoring Support/Partnership Program


The mission of the partnership program is to assist nurses in developing skills and knowledge so they can establish relationships with nursing students that promote intellectual growth, emotional and moral development, and personal transformation.


  • Providing students with the best possible learning experience.
  • Building relationships with students through respect, understanding & mutual trust.
  • Being ethical.
  • Being professional in the relationship at all times.
  • Keeping promises by always dealing fairly and with integrity.

Goals of the Partnership Program

  • To coordinate mentoring related experiences for the students.
  • To facilitate a mentoring relationship for the students with community nurse mentors.
  • To help students form a more positive identification with the College by conveying genuine care and concern.
  • To motivate, inspire and provide students with moral support.
  • To contribute to the development of a strong self-concept and self-esteem in each of the students.
  • To provide academic support to enhance students success throughout the nursing program.
  • To provide support and guidance to strengthen students’ linkages to college resources, community and contribute to their successful completion of the nursing program.
  • To improve the connections between students, faculty, staff and community.
  • To improve the career networking capabilities between students.


Jeanette Lochan RN, MSN, Coordinator
Office: 616-234-4324   Located on 6th floor CPPB room 608
Cell: 616-481-6235

Laura B. Moody RN, MSN, Nursing Professor
Office: 616-234-3486
Cell: 616-262-8590

 General Information 

 The UPNDC brochures are available and can be picked up in the Health Lab.  If you prefer an email copy, see my email address above.

Tips for being successful in your courses: 

  1. Review your course syllabus, know your course & content objectives for the material to be covered
  2. Attend class regularly & take good notes.  Tape the lecture if okay with instructor.
  3. Review & study notes daily (avoid studying at home, too many distractions)
  4. Do your assigned readings & study & compare with your notes
  5. Index cards are helpful, study groups of no more than 2 to 3 people, practice test questions  & student workbooks are helpful
  6. Seek help in the health lab...Jodie has programs, texts, testbank books, etc.  Inquire & see whats available
  7. Always go to instructors office to review exams one on one for better clarification & understanding of questions missed 
  8. Seek tutoring help in the health lab early on. Know what you don't know & inquire.
  9. NCLEX Review Books of sample test questions with rationales is a good review of the types of questions you will see on your tests/exams.  Good book to purchase.
  10. Know & understand the material, don't rely on memory.  Nursing theory is building blocks of information
  11. Utilize the office hours to get to know your instructor.  
  12. Be an active participant in the UPNDC support program.