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Madrigal Singers - MUS 191

Dr. Stephen Barton

The Madrigal Singers is a classical vocal ensemble that specializes in music of Renaissance and Baroque period composers. The ensemble is selected from vocalists who audition at the beginning of each academic year and the personnel remain the same for both fall and winter semesters. The first semester repertoire emphasizes the ensemble's dedication to mastering the art of chamber ensemble singing. Students study correct stylistic practice for the specific repertoire and begin to understand how to perform without a conductor.

During the winter semester the Madrigal Singers work on Repertoire from a variety of composers and centuries including music of the Romantic and contemporary periods. Members of the Madrigal Singers will study the art of group vocal technique and methods of creating artistic vocal production within the chamber ensemble. Members will study the concepts of balance and blend, vowel shape and active consonant placement. Members of the Madrigal Singers will learn correct diction for French, Italian, Latin, German, and English languages.

Periodically in early December the Madrigal Singers produce the Renaissance Musical Feaste in cooperation with the Banquet and Catering Class from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education. This event has become one of the premier culinary and musical events at GRCC because of its wide appeal and cross college involvement. The Feaste not only advances cooperation between the culinary arts and music but also involves members of other community musical ensembles.

The Renaissance Musical Feaste takes the best of the Renaissance; the music, drama and pageantry, and blends it with great European culinary artistry. Put that together with beautiful costumes and scenery, add a dash of humor and you have a wonderful entertaining evening.

Monday and Wednesday 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Room 304C