Bachelors and Masters Degree Path: Practiced Learning

"Practiced Learning"

By Mr. Scott Shall, Chair, Department of Architecture, College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technology University

Monday, October 14 at 6:30 PM

Wisner-Botrall Applied Technology Center

Hosted by David Dye, Professor of Mechanical and Architectural Design, Grand Rapids Community College. 

Mr. Shall and Mr. Dye will talk about “Practiced Learning" and discuss the partnership between GRCC and Lawrence Tech.

Mr. Shall and Mr. Dye will also discuss the Lawrence Tech and GRCC partnership and Integrated Design Studio. The studio is offered in conjunction with Architectural Design Associate degree offered by GRCC. A student taking both the Integrated Design Studios and the Architectural Design Associate degree can transfer to Junior status at Lawrence Tech to complete a Master of Architecture or a Bachelor of Interior Architecture degree.


Mr. Shall is an architect and artist who has extensive experience working throughout the U.S. and the world.  He runs a non-profit  Since founding the IDC in 2006, Mr. Shall has worked through this organization to complete over a dozen projects on four continents, including an urban tent for the homeless made of reclaimed water bottles - a vision for education based on borrowed resources for the migrant communities of India, a school system based on the vending architectures of Bolivia that is tailored to the lives of kids working the streets of La Paz, and a two-dollar water filtration system.   Last summer, he ran a design clinic working on projects in La Paz, Bolivia. His view of “Practiced Learning” will be based on his world experience with the IDC and working with architecture students at Lawrence Tech.

Mr. Dye is an architect and has taught architecture classes at GRCC for fifteen years. The last five years he has worked with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County to design houses. Students design houses every year for Habitat for Humanity in his “Sustainable Residential Design” class. Last Fall, one of the student designs was built for Habitat for Humanity by the Residential Construction Class of GRCC.  His view of “Practiced  Learning” will be more a nuts and bolts experience from working with Habitat for Humanity.

For more information contact David Dye, professor of mechanical and architectural design, at 234-3658 or