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Research Only Library Space Request Form

General Information

  • Reserve seating or reserve 12 PCs in the NW corner of the LLC's 1st floor. You do not need to fill this form out if you have requested Information Literacy Instruction on the same day, as hands-on research time is built into all classes.
  • Faculty are expected to be in the library with their students during Research Only sessions
  • Contact Nan Schichtel (616-234-3082) with questions.

Request Instructions

  • Please complete one request form per class session.
  • Forward your research only requests at least 1 week in advance.
  • Within 2 business days, your request will be confirmed with a GroupWise Calendar appointment OR you will receive a message that your reservation is being processed. If you do not receive either, your request has not been received.
  • Upon receipt of the GroupWise confirmation, please check it for accuracy and click Accept. If changes are required, Reply to that GroupWise message with your changes.
  • Reservations are also posted on CWEST.
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