Student Advising

Communication Studies

Communication Studies faculty are available for academic advising anytime during the academic year. We’re happy to discuss our various class offerings and schedule, the Pre-Major program, transfer questions, and career options within the field. In addition, full-time faculty provide one-on-one advising each Fall and Winter term during the week when registration starts for the next term’s classes. We will post this information on this website or you can stop by the Communication Studies offices in 317 of the Main Building on the downtown Grand Rapids campus for specific dates and times. Contact information for full-time faculty members of the Communication Studies department are provided below.

Contact Information for Communication Studies Full-time Faculty:

  • Tamara Scott:  Office: Main 317  Phone: 616-234-4363  E-mail:
  • Dennis Sutton:  Office Main 317  Phone: 616-234-4606  E-mail:
  • Mary Lucas:  Office: Main 321  Phone: 616-234-3604  E-mail: