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Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages studies at GRCC prepares individuals to attain their goals and contribute to the community by providing an educational experience that enhances personal and academic growth through a quality foreign language program that encourages students to expand their world view.

 Foreign Language classes transfer to four year institutions and four credits of the humanities requirement for graduation and the MACRAO agreement. We offer weekday times as well as evening and weekend classes. Foreign Language classes are also offered at a variety of sites around West Michigan, both at the downtown campus; and at the various satellite campuses. We are committed to providing excellent instruction and learning opportunities for our students. Our goal is to develop maximum language proficiency and to bring cultural awareness to our students in the target language.

Scroll down for a listing of Foreign Language classes, as well as when they are available, and also for contact information for full-time and some part-time faculty members in the department: Full-time and adjunct foreign language faculty members can advise you with details on available classes, prerequisites if any, enrollment dates, potential career options tied to the study of Foreign Languages, and travel and life experience opportunities while studying a foreign language.  We can also help you understand how foreign language classes tie-in to programs and graduation requirements at 4-year transfer institutions.

For more information regarding academic or career counseling, contact either the GRCC Counseling & Career Center (616-234-3900), or the GRCC Career Development Center (616-234-3890).

Foreign Language Course Offerings

  • At GRCC we offer American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Arabic is designated with ARA. We offer:

ARA 101 Introduction to Arabic 1 - Offered Fall and Winter

ARA 102 Introduction to Arabic 2 - Offered in Winter

Chinese is designated CHI. We offer:

CHI 101 Introduction to Chinese 1 - Offered Fall and Winter

CHI 102 Introduction to Chinese 2 - Offered Winter

French is designated FR. We offer:

FR 101 Introduction to French 1 - Offered Fall, Winter, Summer

FR 102 Introduction to French 2 - Offered Fall, Winter, Summer (Hybrid FR 102 online/ classroom lecture class is also offered in the Fall and Winter)

FR 231 Intermediate French 1 - Offered Fall

FR 232 Intermediate French 2 - Offered Winter

German is designated GR. We offer:

GR 101 Introduction to German 1 - Offered Fall

GR 102 Introduction to German 2 - Offered Winter

GR 231 Intermediate German 1 - Offered Fall

GR 232 Intermediate German 2 - Offered Winter

American Sign Language is designated with SL. We offer:

SL 171, 172, - Introductory levels - Offered Fall and Winter

SL 173 - Intermediate levels - Offered Fall term only

SL 150 - Introduction to Deaf Culture - Offered Fall and Winter

SL 155 - Fingerspelling - Offered Fall and Winter

Spanish is designated SP . We offer:

SP 101 Introduction to Spanish 1 - Offered Fall, Winter, Summer

SP 102 Introduction to Spanish 2 - Offered Fall, Winter, Summer

SP 231 Intermediate Spanish 1 - Offered Fall, Winter

SP 232 Intermediate Spanish 2 - Offered Winter

Contact Information for Foreign Language Full-time and some Part-time Faculty in their areas of expertise.