Communication Studies

Communication Studies offers a variety of classes in the field of communication for both traditional and non-traditional students. Our classes provide both practical life experience as well as transfer credits to four-year institutions, including Humanities credit toward the MACRAO agreement. We provide a flexible schedule for classes, offering weekday times as well as evening and weekend classes. Communication Studies classes are also offered at a variety of sites around west Michigan, both at the downtown campus and at the various satellite campuses.

Our classes offer both a theoretical and practical approach to communication, with classes, assignments and exercises designed to enhance communication skills, including relationship-building, self-awareness, perspective-taking, active listening, an appreciation of cultures, verbal and nonverbal communication and conflict management skills. Our goal is to provide learning that assists students with both their interpersonal and professional relationships, to enhance both their quality of life and career success and to build a foundation for further study in the field.

Academic Advising Details and Schedule

Communication Studies faculty will be available for academic advising for the Winter 2016 semester at the following times:

Monday, 3/21: 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

Tuesday, 3/22:  11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Wednesday, 3/23:  1 p.m.-4 p.m.

Thursday, 3/24: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Full-time faculty members can advise you with details on available classes, prerequisites if any, enrollment dates, potential career options tied to the field of Communication, how Communication Studies classes tie-in to requirements for both graduation and the MACRAO agreement regarding transferability, and information on how GRCC Communication Studies classes tie-in to programs at four-year transfer institutions.

For more information regarding academic or career counseling, contact either the Counseling & Career Center (616-234-3900), or the Career Development Center (616-234-3890).

If you have questions regarding Communication classes or if you want to discuss career options for people interested in Communication, please feel free to stop by 317 in the Main Building. No appointment is necessary.

Both full-time and adjunct faculty in the Communication Studies department can answer basic questions related to class offerings and information on the academic calendar and enrollment dates throughout the academic year. One-on-one academic advising is available with full-time Communication Studies faculty in conjunction with registration for classes for the next term. Note: Scroll down for a listing of Communication Studies classes, as well as when they are available, and also for contact information for full-time faculty members in the department.

Reminders will also be given in Communication Studies classes with reminders of the Communication Studies Academic Advising Week.


-For information on academic or career pursuits in the Communication field, check out the website for the National Communication Association:

Communication Studies Course Offerings

-COM 131 -Fundamentals of Public Speaking – Offered Fall, Winter, Summer

-COM 135 -Interpersonal Communication – Offered Fall, Winter, Summer

-COM 135 (Honors) -Interpersonal Communication – Offered Fall term, odd-numbered years only, and early Summer session.

-COM 235 -Gender and Communication – Offered Fall, Winter

-COM 236 -Intercultural Communication – Offered Fall, Winter

-COM 250 -Organizational Communication – Offered Fall, Winter

-JR 266 -Fundamentals of Public Relations – Offered Winter term

Note: For more information on communication classes offered, or careers in the communication field, stop into the Communication Studies offices in the Main Building, room 317.

Contact Information for Communication Studies Full-time Faculty: