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Learning Environments Team

Below is a research summary authored by Herman Miller. It provides a cogent reminder of the (ever)-changing landscape of higher education, especially as it relates to envisioning, creating, and sustaining learning environments. During our exit summary provided by reviewers from the Higher Learning Commission we were reminded that some stability and uniformity is necessary in creating online learning environments. To paraphrase Dr. Hamel, 'just as rooms have predictable places for lights, chairs, windows, and light switches, online learning syllabi should have a predictable structure for the placement of learning objectives, expectations and other traditional features of syllabi.' And by the way, our site visit went swimmingly thanks to about a 100 people who pitched in to provide data and engage in interviews with the site visitors.

Herman Miller Research Summary (.pdf)


Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) Review and Recommendations made by members of the Academic Deans and Deans Council. Please read through this short document and note opportunities for linking those recommendations to LET.

CCSSE Review and Recommendations (.pdf)