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College Action Projects/Champions 2011-2012

1.1.1 Implement strategies to increase the number of students who graduate with a Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) certificate/endorsement (Diane Patrick) (Revision)

1.1.2 Promote faculty leadership in academic advising (Paula Sullivan, Bill Faber) (Revision)

1.1.3 Create and revise agreements between GRCC and 4-year colleges/universities for students seeking to transfer (Transfer and Articulation Coordinator (new position)) (Revision)

1.1.3 CAP Update  - Busscher - Transfer and Articulation

1.2.1 Continue and complete the Programs of Study initiative to map curriculum between high school and college in all academic areas (Fiona Hert) (Revision)

2.1.1 Implement the College Success Program for developmental students (AQIP Project) (Cindy Martin) (Revision)

2.2.1 Expand the distance learning program (course offerings, quality, accreditation, and faculty certification) (AQIP Project) (Eric Kunnen) (Revision)

3.1.1 Promote the various educational, arts, and cultural activities GRCC makes available for the community at large. (Raul Alvarez) (Revision)

3.1.2 Expand cultural learning experiences that strengthen and equip our changing community. (Eric Williams) (Revision)

4.1.1 Implement a student portfolio system throughout the campus to track co-curricular and service learning activities (Eric Mullen) (Revision)

5.1.1 Mandate the student success course (CLS100) for all first time, degree seeking students, PY097 for developmental students. (John Cowles) (Revision)

5.1.2 Integrate the Starfish Early Alert program into all GRCC programs and courses (Lynnae Selberg) (Revision) [5.1.2 Selburg - Early Alert Flags]

5.1.3 Expand the Integrated Tutorial Support (ITS) program (Colleen Copus, Holly Hoare) (Revision)

5.2.1 Strengthen the recruitment and hiring process so to attract highly qualified, highly diverse full-time and adjunct faculty (Cathy Wilson) (Revision)

5.2.2 Improve the adjunct faculty experience (AQIP project) (Laurie Chesley) (Revision)

5.2.3 Strengthen faculty professional development programs and processes (Ric Underhile) (Revision)

5.3.1 Implement Reading Apprenticeship (AtD project) (Linda Spoelman) (Revision)

5.3.2 Develop a new model for program review which includes the assessment of program learning outcomes. (Patti Trepkowski) (Revision)

5.3.3 Establish an assessment and reporting process for institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) (Curriculum Specialist (open position) (Revision)

5.3.4 Promote data based decision-making including the implementation of a data warehouse (Kevin OHalla and Donna Kragt) (Revision)

5.3.4 CAP Update Ohalla (Anderson) Data Warehouse

6.1.1 Develop faculty-led learning experiences with area employers that enhance curriculum and result in expanded learning opportunities for students (Amy Koning) (Revision)

6.1.1 CAP Update  Timeline

6.1.1 CAP Update - Koning - Faculty Externships

6.2.1 Develop a college-wide Career Pathways system (AQIP project) (Tina Hoxie) (Revision)

6.2.2 CAP Update Parks - New certificate programs

6.2.3 Develop new certificate programs that meet industry needs (Julie Parks) (Revision)