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PMO Request Process

Project Request, Approvals, and Prioritization

Project Request – Projects are submitted via an Image Now eForm.  This creates a standardized request process that includes basic workflow, with automatic routing to appropriate staff.  A high-level visualization of the workflow is show in the Project Request Workflow PDF on the right. 

Project Approval - In addition to the request form, workflow is used to ensure projects have BCO/EBCO approval before expending resources on the project.  There are two independent approvals required. 

  • First Approval - ensures the project is suitable prior to IT preparing a feasibility report.  The feasibility report includes cost of hardware, estimated labor-hours, and impact to other technology systems. 
  • Second Approval – is the final approval based on the feasibility report provided by IT.  This approval sets the stage for the project sponsor to secure the appropriate funding for the project.

Project Prioritization - One of the most challenging issues facing any organization is the unlimited number of projects and initiatives, yet finite resources (financial and staff) to work on those projects.  The requestor will be asked to provide information based on a standardized priority grid.  The priority grid along with the approved project will be submitted to an independent cross-functional team that will evaluate the funded projects and assign priority.  By prioritizing the projects, we will align our financial and staffing resources with organizational goals.