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College Channel Programming Guide

The College Channel is your source for information, lectures and special events held at Grand Rapids Community College and in the community. The College Channel can be viewed on Comcast Cable Channel 903 (Digital) as well as AT&T U-verse Channel 99 (U-verse instructions available in "Downloads" section on right)

The current schedule of programming offered on the College Channel is available in the "Downloads" section on the right. Programs offered this week include:


Anti-Vaccination Movement: Replacing Science with Superstition   Replacing Science with Superstition - Dr. Greg Forbes, GRCC Biology


Aquinas Lunch and Learn: Gary Eberle


Aquinas College presents, The Plague Epidemic of 1563-65 in Southwest Germany and Switzerland


World Affairs Great Decision 2015: Human Trafficking


Hildegard Singers Performance - Linn Maxwell, Barbara McCargar, Diane Penning

and Lisa Walhout


Jonathan Powell, Ph.D. - Economic Power of Equity


Aquinas College presents: Father Robert Barron on Thomas Merton


GRCC Diversity Lecture Series XX presents Matt Taibbi, Author/Journalist -

"The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap"


GRCC Diversity Conversations: Lisa Gloege & Matt Taibbi


Afternoon with the Arts 2015 : An American Experience


Kent Philharmonic Orchestra Beethoven's 9th Symphony Breakdown

Part 1:

Part 2: 


Salute to Women 2015


Race, Ethnicity, Identity Conference: Dr. Anne Bonds, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee:  Colorblindness and Geographies of Racial Violence


Race, Ethnicity, Identity Conference  Dr. Marie Price, George Washington University       Geographic Perspective on Immigration


GRCC Race Ethnicity Identity Conference-Courtney Gallaher 


Ferris: American Society for Quality


GRCC Math Lecture Series: Number Sense - A Biological Look at How Our Minds Create Mathematics - Andrea Hayes


GRCC 100th Book Presentation


World Affairs Great Decisions 2015: Brazil: Still Country of the Future? And Will It Always Be So?


Kendall College of Art and Design - The Creative Process


Kendall College of Art and Design - Design Dynamos  


Conversations With a Geographer: Marie Price


Conversations With a Geographer: Dr. Anne Bond


Conversations With a Geographer:  Courtney Gallaher


GRCC Board of Trustees Meeting (July, 2015)


GRCC Board of Trustees Meeting (June, 2015)


Cooking with Angus #90 Foraging


Cooking with Angus #99 Scottish Tradition


Cooking with Angus #38 Wine Tips


If you would like to order a copy of a program, you may fill out a Duplication Request Form or call us at 234-3830