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About the Computer Replacement Plan

Cabinet has approved the following Computer Replacement Plan. This plan consists of a replacement procedure for every computer on campus. The exact date for completion is yet unknown as it is directly dependent upon our annual budget. The goal is to implement a sustainable cyclical replacement plan. The Computer Replacement Plan Listing contains the cabinet-approved replacement order. IT and Finance guidelines stipulate that one personal computer (laptop or desktop) is assigned per person or position if the device is shared.

Replacement Plan

Computer Replacement Plan List (.pdf)

The list will be updated weekly. As we correct and update information the list will adjust. For missing or inaccurate information, please fill out the update form.

Priority is calculated by adding up the following criteria:

  • Age of the equipment
  • Position/Job Usage (Rank)
  • Quality of the Equipment
  • Instructors teaching online courses

Those that have the same priority will be sorted by:

  • Position/Job Usage
  • Alphabetical (Name)