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About the Computer Replacement Plan

Want to know if you’re eligible for a computer replacement?  If you have any of the following computer make and models, you are eligible for a computer replacement.  If you do not know where to find the make and model of your system, the link below will show you how to find it.  If you have a system that is not listed and you think it is at least five years old, you can call the help desk at 234-HELP to see if you qualify.

How to find Make and Model of computer

  • Lenovo X200(7453W6R)
  • Lenovo X201(2985C3U)
  • Lenovo T61(6457VCQ)
  • Lenovo X61(7762V3B)
  • Lenovo M57(9088AK8)
  • Lenovo T400(2768WXF)
  • Lenovo T410 
  • Lenovo T500(2056W8Q)
  • Lenovo M58 (7360)
  • Lenovo M57 (9088)
  • Lenovo M58 (7484)
  • All Hewlett – Packard

If you have one of the computer Makes and Models listed above and would like your computer replaced, click on the link below to email the helpdesk your request.