Emeritus Scholar Award

To recognize and confer emeritus status to a retired faculty member or administrator.

Any retired GRCC faculty member or administrator.

The nominee must:

  • have taught/administered seven years or more at GRCC
  • be recognized by colleagues as an outstanding instructor/administrator
  • have made a significant contribution to GRCC and its students
  • have brought distinction to his or her field through activities inside and outside of the classroom
  • have served as a role model to aspiring instructors and administrators

Nomination process:
Members of the selection committee submit the names of retired faculty or administrators they feel meet the criteria above. The committee, as a group, reviews each nomination and agrees on one nominee and one alternate candidate which is submitted to the President of GRCC.

Selection process:
A committee of seven will recommend to the President of the college and the Board of Trustees their nominee for the award.

The committee will consist of:

  • Three (3) current faculty members recommended by the Faculty Association President
  • One (1) academic dean appointed by the College president
  • Two (2) retired faculty/administrative staff members recommended by the Provost
  • One (1) administrator who will serve as the permanent Committee Chair

The Committee will meet no later than February and will make a formal recommendation of at least one nominee and one alternate to the President of the College. The formal, written recommendation will be completed by the Committee Chair based on the Committee's completed selection criteria forms.

If the President of the College supports the recommendation, a formal recommendation will be made to the full Board at its April meeting If the president does not concur with the recommendation of the nominee or the alternate, the award will not be given that year.

Committee members must be willing to prepare data, prior to the meeting, detailing how their nominee(s) meet the selection criteria.

Method of Recognition:

  • An Emeritus plaque will be hung in the front hall of the Main Building listing the names of recipients and year of distinction.
  • The award will be presented and honors officially bestowed at an event to be determined by the President.
  • Emeritus Faculty members will receive a Courtesy Card entitling them to free use of the college parking ramp and Library, and free admission for themselves and a guest to all athletic and cultural events on campus sponsored by the College.
  • Emeritus Faculty members will receive four (4) free lunches or dinners annually at the Heritage Restaurant.
  • A donation will be made to the GRCC Foundation in the name of the Emeritus winner.
  • Name and picture published in GRCC TODAY.

Provost's Office, Main Building