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To view our current photo library you will need to create a new account through our Widen data asset management site. Link to tutorial and new account in right column.

If you can't find what you are looking for in our collective, please fill out the Photo Request Form. Link in right column.

NOTE: Please allow at least two weeks for the photos to be scheduled and shot.

Photography should convey emotions and atmosphere. Look beyond the straightforward and typical to find a more inspirational perspective. Consider detail or unusual angles to increase impact and create effective communications. Our images show natural, real-life people and situations.

The images that are used in print materials are another way of reflecting the college style. Diversity of race, culture, lifestyle and age - are important in conveying the true GRCC experience. Students connecting with the audience by looking at the camera is a great way of getting the viewer’s attention. Interesting interactions between students is also effective for engaging the audience.