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GRCC Family Works

GRCC Works - one student and one family at a time - due in large part to your generous support.

"Longtime support of student scholarships emerges from feelings of responsibility to help others, and the enjoyment of sharing in the successes of students. The vision, mission and values of an institiution can only be realized when its members embrace these on a personal level."

Joe Hesse
GRCC Faculty
Physical Science Department


Our goal of 100% participation can mean a one time donation from the cost of a cup of coffee, to the cost of an evening out with friends.

Or it can mean an ongoing gift per pay period.  Employees who give $2 per payperiod make an annual donation of $52.  Or $5 per payperiod would equal an annual gift of  $130 a year.

You can directly contribute through GRCC Employee Payroll using the deduction form on the right.
Your dollars will directly impact student scholarships!  Just this year over $530,000 has been awarded for scholarships, and twelve new scholarships for GRCC students were created.

You can dedicate your dollars:

  • Contributions can be made to existing GRCC Foundation scholarships.
  • You can contribute to the GRCC Foundation Discretionary Scholarship Fund (GRCC's greatest unmet need)
  • You can create a new scholarship independently, or as a team with your personal or professional network.

We hope to announce 100% participation in the Family Giving campaign from our faculty and staff at our College 100 year anniversary celebration in 2014-2015. Thank you in advance for your support.