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100th Anniversary Gala

Since 2007, the GRCC Foundation has had the privilege of honoring some wonderful and generous friends at the annual fundraising gala. We introduced SCHOLARfest in 2012 as our "new" name for the annual fundraising gala. The name represents an evening celebration while providing student support.

The unique experience of this event is seeing students, in collaboration with faculty and staff, put their classroom knowledge into practice. The Secchia Institute for Culinary education faculty, staff and students will prepare the evening’s cuisine for guests on-the-spot, while faculty and students from the Music department will provide the evening’s entertainment.


SCHOLARfest has become the premiere event in Grand Rapids that you don't want to miss!



2007 GRCC Foundation Event                                           

Honored:         Peter & Joan Secchia                                    

Renamed:       GRCC Culinary Program as the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education  


2008 GRCC Foundation Event

Honored:         The Wisner-Bottrall Foundation

Dedicated:       Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center


2009 GRCC Foundation Event

Hosted by:       Carol Van Andel

Benefitted:       GRCC Nursing Programs


2010 GRCC Foundation Event

Co-chairs:       Chuck & Stella Royce, Duane & Kaye Davis

Benefitted:       GRCC Music Department


2011 GRCC Foundation Event

Honored:         Peter Wege

Highlighted:     Sustainability at GRCC and Peter Wege’s impact on GRCC

Benefitted:       GRCC Unrestricted Scholarships


2012 GRCC Foundation Event

Honored:         Fred & Linn Keller

Highlighted:     GRCC Music Department, Sustainability at GRCC, GR Rowing

Benefitted:       GRCC Unrestricted Scholarships