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Policy Updates

April 2016 policy updates

10.5 Student Refunds (revised)

  • Updated contacts – Associate Director changed to Director
  • Changed web to online student center throughout
  • IX.A. –
    • Removed “Withdraw on or before start date of class…. 100% refund”
    • Changed “Withdraw before 5% of calendar days from 75% to 100%
    • Non-refundable fees have been changed to Student Records Fee only.  All other fees have been changed to the same % as the tuition.
  • IX.B. Complete paragraph was replaced with new Title IV Funds regulations
  • IX.D. Added: Appeals submitted after this time period will not be accepted.

14.2 Firearms, Explosives, or Weapons (revised)

  • Added to V. Entities Effected by this Policy: "This policy does not apply to active enforcement officials who are carrying weapons in the course of their duties."
  • Updated VI. Who should read this policy: Faculty, Board of Trustees, Visitors, and Vendors


March 2016 policy updates

No policy meeting


February 2016 policy updates

6.1 Transgender Equal Opportunity (revised)

  • Clarified process for requesting name change (directed to Student Records Office) and added form for requests.
  • Added contact for Raider card gender designation changes or email address changes to be Director of EO Compliance, and clarified process for such requests.

14.10 Service Animals (revised)

  • Clarified exceptions to policy related to "fundamental alteration" of a program
  • Edited policy owner (Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance)
  • Clarified definitions of "Service Animal" and "Service Animal Training Requirements"
  • Included language clarifying that service animals do not need to be registered

14.14 Building Access (revised)

  • Updated policy statement to include: “maintaining a high level of security for College facilities”.
  • Moved “The President of the College or his/her designees will be responsible for maintaining procedures for securing buildings and classrooms” from a stand-alone statement at the end of the policy to the policy statement.
  • Updated procedures to state: “Access will only be available at primary or specified access points as identified per building.” To be able to properly secure the buildings when sparsely occupied. 
  • Added the whole section, “Access to academic buildings for students and the general public is limited to the hours of operation in each building.  After hours use by students is strictly prohibited. Unless otherwise posted, the hours of operation are generally 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Weekend hours will vary depending on campus activities. Exceptions: The Wisner –Bottrall Applied Technology Center (ATC) and Spectrum Bakery will be open for students from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Added whole section: “Access to non-academic buildings such as College Park Plaza, Mable Engle House, the Administration Building, etc. will be restricted to normal business hours.”
  • Clarified student key sign out process at campus police.
  • Added language to be consistent with current practice, “The only exception is if a Human Resources representative takes possession of the keys during the separation process. In this situation, the HR representative will be responsible for turning the keys in to Campus Police.”


January 2016 policy updates

No policy meeting


December 2015 policy updates

4.1 Development and Issuance of College Administrative Policies (revised)

  • Clarified policy statement: "Policies promote the College mission, maintain accountability, and provide the GRCC community with a clear explanation of how College activities must be undertaken."
  • Removed reference to obsolete policy flowchart.
  • Distinguished College-wide policies from departmental policies and procedures: "This definition encompasses only College-wide polices, which should be distinguished from procedures and from departmental policies. Only those policies approved in accord with this policy will have the force of College policy and will be published on the College policy website. In the event of a conflict between a College-wide policy and a departmental policy, the College –wide policy will supersede the departmental policy."
  • Updated titles of Policy Advisory Committee members.

14.0 Risk Management (revised)

  • Updated to the current policy format.
  • Removed reference to the former risk management team and related procedures, and added information on the new risk management oversight team and related sub teams.
  • Added to Policy Statement: “The risk management program is designed to identify and minimize risks.  Employees will be responsible for complying with specific guidelines for risk management established pursuant to this policy.”


November 2015 policy updates

No policy meeting


October 2015 policy updates

11.9 Energy Conservation (revised)

  • Changed “staff” to “employees” throughout to be consistent with other policies that cover faculty and staff.

14.12 Open Flame (revised)

  • Changed “staff” to “employees” throughout to be consistent with other policies that cover faculty and staff.
  • Updated contacts by changing “Risk Manager” to “Executive Director of Financial Services.”

6.3 Harrassment Policy (revised)

  • Updated the reason for the policy to include: "For purposes of this policy, harassment means unlawful conduct related to a protected status which is prohibited under state and federal law or College policy."
  • Updated who should read this policy to include volunteers and independent contractors.
  • Clarified wording throughout the policy.
  • Added: "The College does not and cannot guarantee confidentiality."

6.19 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Procedures & Guidelines (revised)

  • Revised to comply with amendments to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act to make the FOIA process more transparent and to control the fees charged in responding to FOIA requests.
  • Retitled “FOIA Procedures and Guidelines”
  • Updated policy statement by adding: “Certain records may be protected from disclosure. GRCC FOIA Coordinator will assess requests to determine what records are subject to disclosure.”
  • Includes a description of the procedure for submission of a FOIA request, responding to a FOIA request, deposit requirements, fees, and how to challenge a response or charged fee.
  • Requires that requesters be informed if the public records are available on GRCC’s website regardless of whether the request is received in writing or verbally.


September 2015 policy updates

No policy meeting


August 2015 policy updates

14.7 Use of College Provided Vehicle Transportation (revised)

  • Updated who should read the policy to include volunteers who use college provided transportation.
  • Reflected the current process used to verify driving records of college employees in departments which college owned vehicles permanently assigned 
  • Clarified process to obtain use of a fleet or rental vehicle.
  • Restricted the use of our 15 passenger vans:
    • The vans may be loaded with up to 15 passengers, including the driver only when they will be used within a 25 mile radius and will not be driven on limited-access freeways.
    • The vans may be loaded with up to 10 passengers, including the driver, when they will be driven outside of a 25 mile radius or when they will be taken on the freeway.
    • The 15 passenger vans must be loaded from the front.  There should be no passengers in the last bench seat when the van is taken on the freeway or outside of a 25 mile radius.
    • Mandated that cargo may not be loaded above the level of the rear seat.
  • Specified that only college employees and approved volunteers may drive College provided vehicles.  Students, including student employees, are no longer permitted to drive college vehicles.
  • Updated contacts and form name(s).

6.1 Transgender Equal Opportunity (new policy)

  • Policy Statement: GRCC is committed to a College culture that respects and values all students, faculty and staff and fosters understanding of gender identity within the College community.  All students, faculty and staff will adhere to procedures established in connection with this policy to ensure a safe working and learning environment, free of discrimination and harassment, which promotes the educational and social wellbeing of transgender students, and employees.
  • Reason for policy: To accommodate, support and protect transgender students and employees from sex discrimination and harassment.